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Trobriands; Islands of Love

The Trobriand Islands have long been the "holy grail" for Anthropologists and adventurers alike, ever since Bronislaw Malinowski published "the Sexual Life of Savages" back in the 1920's. People from around the globe have long been intrigued by this island group that lies off the eastern tip of mainland New Guinea.

Austronesian Expeditions can get your guests into the Trobriands and give them experiences that no one else can in this amazing location.




Small Nambas of Malakula

When Captain Cook first "discovered" Malakula, he suggested it should be avoided, due to the cannibalistic tendencies of its inhabitants. Today, whilst cannibalism has disappeared, the people of Malakula hang on strongly to their culture. 

Together with our local partners Austronesian Expeditions can deliver genuine authentic cultural experiences in places like Malakula to your discerning clients.