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The TravelBug film crew were lucky enough to have the services of Justin and his team when we filmed in Papua New Guinea in 2012. Without their extensive knowledge and contacts in country we never would have been able to achieve the amazing product we did. Justin was able to provide “money can not buy” opportunities that only someone with his experience can gain access to. Without a doubt, we will be using Austronesian Expeditions when we next head to one of the destinations they service.
— David Byrne, Producer, the Travel Bug

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the Kimberley region, Papua New Guinea and Borneo with Justin and his team leading the expeditions. Having organised three charters with Orion Expedition cruises, where this group of amazingly passionate guides, each with his/her own specialist talents, looked after my groups of chief executives and their partners, with such professionalism, knowledge and pure love for what they were doing, they made every journey a really unique and special experience. They all went to no end of trouble to make sure we saw and did the best of what there was to experience in the most remote of places. They made my job easy and fun and so many of my group who experienced the first expedition, came back for the next two – that speaks for itself. Thank you all so much for a special time in my life and career. I hope to be able to experience your exceptional talents again with this new venture.
— Lyn Hercus, Area Consultant Australia/New Zealand, Chief Executives Organization Inc.
In the seven years I have known Justin, I have been continually amazed at the itineraries he conjures (sometimes it seems from thin air) for his expedition cruise clients. I have been fortunate to sample his work first hand in Asia, the Pacific and Papua New Guinea while travelling aboard the luxury expedition vessel, Orion. His previous employers at Orion loudly trumpet themselves as “the leading expedition cruise operator in the Asia Pacific.” If that is the case - and I have no reason to argue - Justin can take much pride and satisfaction in that claim.
— Rod Eime, Journalist, Photographer, Editor

I have known Justin for more than five years and seen him orchestrate expeditions into those places most people can onl;y dream about. He has been able to smooth the way for large and small groups ensuring that you get maximum enjoyment and understanding from very special destinations. I find the descriptions used in his website modest but true. He is an inspirational individual with great contacts and abilities. I look forward to seeing others join me in supporting his venture.
— Len Zell, Author, adventurer, Sth Pacific ecotourism consultant, adjunct Senior Lecturer at the school of Marine and Tropical Biology at James Cook University

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